We perform various projects related to vehicle & component development from early planning stage to final output. We shall provide applicable technologies and management methods to perform project ultimately by your company's employees. Also, to assure your company¡¯s technical ability, we provide work manuals and technical documents, related with performing project.


We support your company¡¯s projects by dispatching engineers with experiences and skills in product developing fields required by your company. We provide numerous know-how¡¯s obtained from experiences as well as pursue the maximizing manpower of your company.


We perform modeling, design, prototyping, and testing for developed products. We provide service to meet target quality and delivery timing.


To maximize your company¡¯s capability to develop products, we provide appropriate and innovative programs in the fields of engineering management system, work process and quality control .


We dispatch specialists for required fields by your company, provide required technology and manage project to achieve the goals. We also provide various programs to improve work skills of your company¡¯s employees.


We provide appropriate education program and detailed education materials. Also, we supervise education for your workers by dispatching specialists.


We develop and deliver required components by your company with high quality, low cost, and meeting delivery timing. We also produce and supply services such as design, prototyping, testing, and quality with professional suppliers in Korea. testing, and quality by professional suppliers in Korea.

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