To satisfy target development including quality and development schedule, we provide optimal service of technical assistance program considering your company¡¯s capability.

Your company can rely on us to perform development with detailed technical assistance and support your company by supervising your project until your company secures capability for self-development.


We provide effective service from design to assembly to and production to meet target quality and to delivery times.

We provide outsourcing services of high quality and low cost from Korea.
With professional suppliers, we provide total service from development management including design, testing and prototyping to line trial and quality control. We also provide technology and support equipment management until your company secures capability for self-development.


All services of KAES prioritize the capability improvement of customer.

We providde the effective technical securing of customer by
know-how obtained only from our experiences.


We provide appropriate solutions for your company against problems of product development process, quality, production process and program management.

While solving problems, we support your employees with education and provide technology and know-how to solve your problems on your own.


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